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Finatics about accounting
so you don't have to be!

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Finatics Accounting Solutions Inc. (Finatics) works with small and medium sized enterprises to provide reliable, efficient, and affordable accounting solutions, while implementing systems and controls to allow for growth.  The Finatics team provides a full range of accounting expertise.  Since all organizations are unique, Finatics tailors our solutions packages to each organization’s needs.  We understand that accounting is not generally fun for most people, but we are Finatics about accounting, so you don’t have to be!


We provide solutions to match your organization’s needs


We provide full-cycle accounting solutions such as, A/P, A/R, payroll, inventory management, regulatory filings, etc. In addition, we track and report on non-financial information as required to provide valuable insight regarding your business metrics.

Virtual CFO (VCFO)

We provide VCFO solutions which entail financial and operational analysis, internal management reporting, budgeting, implementing processes and risk mitigation strategies. We also work closely with your external accountant on year-end audit and tax preparation.

Process Design

We provide a full assessment of accounting processes, including how they directly interact with operations, and provide recommendations to streamline and/or automate processes. Our objectives are to provide timely, cost effective and reliable financial information by utilizing efficient workflows and appropriate technology.


No company is exactly the same. At Finatics Accounting Solutions we tailor our solutions to your specific needs. Most solutions comprise of accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, month-end processing, regulatory compliance, financial reporting, key performance indicators and year-end file preparation. In addition to these (and many other solutions), we have listed some key solutions for particular industries below.


Grain Farming
Food Processors

Inventory tracking, capital assets, cash flow management and costing metrics.


Online Stores

Inventory and cash flow management


Affordable Housing
Community Groups

Board reporting and government compliance reporting


Custom Fabrication
Custom Assembly

Inventory management, capital assets, and cost per metrics.


Professional Services
Trade Industries

Cash flow management and regulatory filings.


Trucking and Freight Carriers
Courier Services
Moving Companies

Capital asset and cash flow management.

Meet Your Team

Michael Haight CPA, CGA

President and VCFO

Michael began his accounting career at the age of six, when he would count and track all of his coins – even making charts and putting them on his wall. Before too long he was calculating running distances and times as well as baseball batting averages and fielding percentages. His love for numbers continued to grow when he saw his favourite TV character on TV, Michael P. Keaton on Family Ties, had a passion for economics.

Michael completed his CGA Designation in 2006 (now CPA Designation) and has experience in Agriculture, Food Production, Not­-for­-Profit (Housing), Government, Transportation, and Manufacturing. Throughout his career, he has taken the lead on the establishment of new controls and processes and effectively streamlined internal processes to improve the efficiency of month-end closing and reporting.

Michael, who quickly learns new software programs, has been involved in the set­up and implementation of multiple major software conversions. He’s come a long way from counting his pennies (when we still used pennies!), having been responsible for budgets upwards of $256M. When he’s not working, Michael enjoys spending time with his wife and two young children…and don’t get him started talking about his fantasy baseball keeper league!

Kathy Parker

Business Systems Analyst

Kathy brings more than twenty years of experience in computer systems analysis, accounting, and business process improvement to Finatics. Her specialty is problem solving, whether it’s with system setups, mapping, interfaces, customized reporting, or maintaining computer accounting systems. When you’re looking for solutions, Kathy is ready to find answers with new, enhanced, or upgraded applications.

Before joining us as a Business Systems Analyst, Kathy most recently worked in the public housing sector. She holds a Diploma in Business Accountancy and another in Computer Analyst Programming, both from Red River College. She subsequently completed the Certified General Accountant Program, Level IV, and a Graduate Public Sector Management Certificate Program.

She’s experienced in SQL Programming, Crystal Reports creation, SSRS Reports, Visual Basic and Excel macros as well as QBO, QBT, Dext, SOS Inventory, Fathom Reporting, and other systems for integrating data or streamlining operations.

When Kathy isn’t working on accounting systems, she’s either home with her husband and their cat Frankie or catching up with their two grown children. Once the golf courses are open in the Manitoba, you’ll find her out walking the greens for recreation.


Kerry Foster CPA, CGA

Virtual CFO

All through her early school years, Kerry knew she had an affinity for math and enjoyed working with numbers. By the time she was a teen, she knew she was going to go into accounting.

Kerry holds her Bachelor of Accounting Science degree as well as her designation as a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA). Additionally, she has advanced certification in Quickbooks and other reporting and cash-flow software.

When she joined Finatics as Virtual CFO, Kerry brought with her many years of experience leading large teams for public and private enterprises across diverse sectors, including transportation and housing. Her most recent position was Director of Financial Services for the Government of Manitoba.

When she’s not working with numbers or reading a good book, you’ll likely find Kerry and her husband walking their lively little West Highland White Terriers Lexi and Cosmo.

Yuliya Shevchuk

Accounting Clerk

Yuliya earned her diploma in Business Administration with a major in Accounting at Red River College in Winnipeg, MB. She joined Finatics earlier this fall while she works toward her Commerce degree, majoring in Accounting, from Athabasca University. 

“My goal is to earn my Bachelor of Commerce and then earn my Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation,” explains Yuliya, who moved to Canada from Ukraine when she was 15. Previously, Yuliya worked a few years as an accounting clerk for a large agri-foods company and also as a bookkeeper for a local church.

“Joining Finatics as an Accounting Clerk worked out perfectly. I’m a full-time student right now and Michael could be flexible and let me work part-time.”

Yuliya is enjoying her work with Finatics: “I like what we do, working with multiple businesses. It’s a great opportunity to work with different people and industries – even different scenarios because every company is slightly different. It’s also great because I’m studying and I can apply the theoretical knowledge I learn now.”

At work, Yuliya loves to analyze information, weigh the pros and cons, and solve problems with strategies. In her spare time, she likes to read a lot, play the piano, and draw or paint. She looks forward to traveling more again in the future.

Gemma Lee CPA, CGA

Virtual Controller

Gemma Lee’s love of mathematics has taken her from engineering to accounting and from the United Kingdom to Canada.

After earning her degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Southampton, the Buckinghamshire native was challenged to find engineering work placements and decided to channel her proficiency with numbers into studying accounting. Gemma completed all the qualifications for her FCCA (Fellow Member of Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) designation and was later licensed as a CPA, CGA by the Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario after she and her husband relocated to Canada.

As a Virtual Controller with Finatics, Gemma brings many years of experience working with international teams in the sales and service arm of businesses in various industries, including fashion wholesale, distribution, and food manufacturing. She also has advanced certification with Quickbooks. In previous roles, Gemma has improved month-end schedules, streamlined accounting systems and processes, and developed new financial reporting tailored to the company’s requirements. She has also been responsible for transitioning all aspects of the finance function from one country’s team to another after company-wide restructuring.

When she’s not working with numbers, you’ll find Gemma pursuing her love of exercise – whether that be a high intensity workout, discovering the local trails where she lives in Ontario, or a family day trip with her husband and their two daughters. She is a self-confessed shopaholic but also enjoys the calm of creating homemade crafts.

Anne Pangan

 Accounting Clerk

Anne comes from a family with many accountants, so while she briefly considered architecture as a child, she was likewise drawn to numbers and ended up earning her Bachelor of Science in Accounting Technology. After working in banking early in her career, she then worked several years abroad in Dubai, United Arab Emirates as an accounting executive.

“I find accounting so interesting. It’s not just dealing with math itself, it’s more of the analysis part that intrigues me.”

As an Accounting Clerk with Finatics, Anne’s international experience in banking, real estate, and education as well as QBO and Dext software bring value to small- and medium-sized businesses. She hopes to resume her studies in accounting so that she can take the board exam to become a CPA.

When she’s not working with numbers, you’ll find Anne reading up on accounting-related matters, devouring books about Microsoft Excel, Quickbooks, and other accounting software.

In her spare time, Anne stays busy with her husband Renz and their young daughter. They like to spend time outdoors, especially near the water. Someday, she plans to return to Dubai’s luxury outlet malls to go shopping.



I am so grateful that we found Michael and the Finatics Accounting team when we did.  We were seeking help with our day-to-day bookkeeping but have very quickly come to appreciate and rely on the expert advice and support that Finatics gives us. It’s been like having our own CFO without the full-time expense of that talent.  We have relied, heavily, on Finatics through the COVID crisis with cash-flow planning, government applications and even program development ideas.  Michael and his team are phenomenally responsive and have gotten to know our business really well in a very short time — ensuring they can help us grow and succeed.  I’m actually quite certain we wouldn’t have made it through the first six months of COVID without Michael and Finatics — in part because they helped us figure out what we needed to figure out financially but also because we never felt alone as we went through it.  That allowed us to stay optimistic, resilient and focused on our core business.

Patrick O'Reilly

Owner &CEO, Padraig Coaching & Consulting Inc.

We have worked with Michael and the Finatics Team now for almost a year. We could not be more happy with this decision to bring in their team to help us with our books. We have a research company and can have anywhere from 15-30 projects on the go – I have been managing the books over the years but it has not been my forte. In every meeting we have had with Michael, we receive practical advice and guidance on how to streamline this work. Michael and his team are very details oriented, honest, and ask excellent questions! I think one of the things that was most important to us was just how human and caring Michael is – this means a lot to us because of our work in justice and equity – to that end, we really feel our values and principles align which creates a solid working relationship. We would not hesitate to refer Michael to others!

Kim Van Der Woerd

Founder , Reciprocal Consulting

I was initially hesitant to spend money on something that I could technically do myself.  But in entrepreneurship, carving out the time to do what I do best, and delegating things that are not my strength (bookkeeping/CFO) is essential for business growth. Working with Michael is like working with your own CFO.  He provides me with real-time solutions, realistic advice, cost-saving strategies, remuneration strategies, projections, and he does so with the most genuine sincerity and care.  If I don’t understand something, he takes the time to explain it.  He wants to empower me, as a business owner, to know about the financial aspects of my business so that I can make decisions that make sense.  He wants to know my goals so that he can help me achieve them.  AND, I really like him!  He’s easy to talk to, and simply a good human.

I am so happy that I made the move to have a virtual CFO for my businesses.

Dr. Marie Claire Bourque, MD, MSc, FRCPC

Co-Founder , Limbus Movement

Since working with Michael and Kerry I have found new financial clarity in my business. They’ve helped clean up our books, set clear priorities, and have worked with me to create a path to success. They are incredibly clear and easy to work with,  are diligent in the details, and have made me feel like a priority in working with them. I can say without a doubt,  in the last 9 years I’ve run my company, they are the best bookkeeping team I have worked with.
Ashley Wray

Founder, Mala Collective

You and your services have been a saving grace during our startup, growth and during the pandemic. I appreciate your availability, professional advice and expertise. I love the use of digital tools and your technical knowledge. Distance and time are not a problem and I’ve recommended you to a few local small businesses looking for a personal financial touch!
Georgina Bassett

Owner, The Thoughtful Giver

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I outsource my bookkeeping?
There are many benefits to outsourcing your accounting/bookkeeping functions, some of which include:

  1. Cost effective way to have a CPA on your team.
  2. Provides the option for part-time hours that are difficult to fill in-house with the appropriate expertise.
  3. The outsourced team will be able to provide a variety of expertise.
  4. Ad-hoc services can be added when needed for project based work, without impeding day-to-day operations.
  5. Consistent staffing levels help avoid costly downtime associated with hiring and training new staff, handle seasonal fluctuations where additional staff may be required for a short period of time, and reduce downtime associated with staff sick leave and vacations.
I never look at my financial statements because they are confusing and overwhelming. Can you help me with this?
Yes, at Finatics we present your financial reports in a method that is easily understood. We will meet with you to review and provide detailed explanations (without using all the Accounting lingo) and help you gain a level of comfort and understanding.
If I hired Finatics services, would I need to purchase software?
Not necessarily. It depends on the software currently being used by your company and whether or not it is meeting/exceeding your needs. We will work with your existing software and can make recommendations for alternative systems that may be more effective. At Finatics we have experience with numerous software programs, including QuickBooks Online, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Sage 50, and others.
Are your services charged on an hourly or fixed rate basis?
At Finatics we tailor our solutions to each companies’ needs. We currently offer the following billing methods:

  1. Flat/Fixed Rate Pricing
  2. Hourly Rates
  3. Variable Rates (depending on seasonal fluctuations and volume)
What is a VCFO?
A Virtual Chief Financial Officer (or VCFO for short) is a senior-level accounting professional who usually —but not always — holds the Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation.

With a strong background in accounting and finance at a senior level, a VCFO has the expertise to provide business insight by analyzing financial statements, developing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), customizing reports, creating budgets, financial planning, and cash flow forecasting.

A VCFO usually handles more complex accounting transactions such as job costing, inventory management, and tracking of non-financial data/metrics

What does a Virtual Bookkeeper do?
A bookkeeper prepares your accounts, recording your day-to-day transactions, such as bills, payments, invoices, deposits, and bank transfers. A Virtual Bookkeeper does all of the same things, but thanks to advances in technology, can do this remotely for businesses anywhere across Canada.

Virtual Bookkeepers can process timely and accurate transactions when businesses quickly email a scanned copy or photograph of any receipt or invoice using secure electronic document management applications — such as Receipt Bank (our preferred app), Hubdoc, Receipt Bot, or other apps. It’s also possible to have documents like phone bills or online subscriptions “auto-fetched” from your vendors directly. It’s fast, convenient, and effective.


We look forward to learning about your company and providing assistance to help you achieve your goals.

Or complete the section below and we will contact you as soon as possible