Gemma Lee, our new Finatics Virtual Controller, wants people to feel comfortable when they’re talking about numbers. 

“It’s hard to make numbers fun, and most people see it as a chore,” explains Gemma, who hails from England but has lived in Canada for 16 years. “I’ve always loved mathematics and numbers. I see accounting as a way to help people understand how they work and how to be successful.”

An experienced financial professional, Gemma brings many years of experience working with international teams in the sales and service arm of businesses to Finatics. She has held senior finance roles in various industries, including fashion wholesale, distribution, and food manufacturing. 

“The numbers tell a story, and I can help clients understand the story and determine which way they want to take the story going forward,” explains Gemma. “We can work on financial strategy and figure out how to get your business on track and meet your goals – and I’ll be here to help with big questions or finding answers.”

Gemma, who holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Southampton, completed all the qualifications for her FCCA (Fellow Member of Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) designation when work placements in engineering were scarce. After the Buckinghamshire native moved to Canada with her husband, she was licensed as a CPA, CGA by the Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario. She also has advanced certification with Quickbooks.

“As soon as Gemma and I started chatting with each other, I could sense her eagerness and desire to help people. She truly cares for their wellbeing and the success of their organizations. Her values and beliefs aligned perfectly with what Finatics is all about,” says Michael Haight, President and VCFO of Finantics Accounting Solutions.

“Gemma has brought new perspectives with her diverse experience that will help everyone within Finatics and the organizations that we work with. I am so thrilled to have Gemma join our Team of Finatics.”

Gemma says she was drawn to working with Michael at Finatics for more than the flexibility her new role with a Virtual Accounting Team offers. 

“His approach is so similar to mine. Michael treats clients like friends or family, which I like. You have to get to know people a little bit to understand how they work, and we really care about helping them be successful.”

She says she is excited to use her extensive experience to help small- and medium-sized businesses meet and exceed their goals. As a Virtual Controller, Gemma can assist companies with overseeing their day-to-day accounting, refining accounting processes, implementing accounting systems, and managing regulatory compliance.

“I’ve always worked for big companies, so I’m really looking forward to working with organizations in a more personal way. For smaller business owners, their work is their life,” says Gemma. 

“Working with Michael and the Finatics team gives me the opportunity to work with different companies and people who really enjoy what they do.”

In addition to her love of numbers, Gemma enjoys spending time with her husband and their two daughters. Her hobbies are exercise and shopping. 

“I’m a shopaholic,” she says. “I love shopping and fashion.”

As a dedicated fitness enthusiast, Gemma enjoys daily high-intensity workouts in their home gym or hikes along the myriad trails on the Niagara escarpment near their Waterdown, Ontario home. 

“We also can’t wait to start travelling again when the pandemic is over,” says Gemma. “Both my husband and I were born and raised in the UK and all of our family are there. It will be nice to visit them and travel to other countries again someday.”

Are you interested in how Gemma could help your business as a Virtual Controller? Please contact Finatics Accounting Solutions so we can discuss how we can tailor our solutions to your business needs.