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Meet Michael

When Michael Haight founded Finatics Accounting Solutions in April of 2018, he wanted to take what he’d learned throughout his career to help multiple organizations find success. 

“I’d always had a goal of starting my own business and working with small- to medium-businesses across Canada,” explains Michael, who has experience in Agriculture, Food Production, Not-for-Profit (Housing), Government, Transportation and Manufacturing. He completed his CGA Designation, which is now known as a CPA Designation, in 2006. 

Michael credits his wife for coming up with the Finatics name for his company, which is a combination of Financial Accounting and Analytics and underscores that he is fanatical about accounting and genuinely enjoys implementing accounting software to help improve accounting procedures.

“Through my career, I’d found that I had a knack for identifying areas for improvement. I could refine existing processes or develop new processes from scratch to help businesses create operational efficiencies while also improving their financial reporting.” 

In addition to taking the lead on establishing better controls and processes, Michael had also set up and implemented multiple major software conversions. 

“I’ve always really enjoyed implementing new accounting software to improve operational efficiencies and enhance reporting, so stakeholders could see the business metrics in ways that make it easier to make decisions. I also love training up a team and ensuring they understand the processes. I like to let people see behind the curtain so they understand how new software is set up and functions.”

About three years ago, an opportunity presented itself for Michael to start Finatics Accounting Solutions so that he could offer companies his expertise as a CFO

“I am forever grateful to the organizations that helped make Finatics Accounting Solutions a reality. Without those organizations willing to take a chance on hiring a start-up, we wouldn’t be here today. Thank you from all of us at Finatics!” says Michael.

“As our team of Finatics continues to grow, we are looking forward to providing virtual accounting and bookkeeping solutions to more small- and medium-sized enterprises across Canada.” 

He stresses that the services Finatics provides are tailored to each organization and can be scaled up or down as required. 

“We’re your operational accounting team. All of us at Finatics care about your business and want your business to be a huge success,” says Michael. “Our goal is to work with you to meet your goals and objectives, whether that’s generating more profit margin, becoming more sustainable, creating operational efficiencies, keeping your financial records up to date and reconciled or breaking even while you provide a service in the not-for-profit sector.”

If you’d like to learn more about how Michael and how the Finatics team can help your business succeed, contact Finatics Accounting Solutions to have a conversation about your business goals. Michael is also always up for a conversation about baseball!